About us

  • We are a design and manufacturing company producing bathroom furnishings and accessories to bring beauty into your homes and comfort in your lives.
  • We are an active part of the history and success of Italian design and, at the same time, we are promoters of architects and designers that we seek and select internationally.
  • We research the shapes and details of objects in your homes and we’re present in the permanent collection of the “MOMA” Museum of Modern Art in New York, with the famous “Cucciolo” toilet brush holder by Makio Hasuike.
  • We are passionate innovators, always looking for beautiful solutions to experience and to see.
  • We have a profound respect for the environment, for the people who work with us, and for our customers who have allowed us to grow and become leaders in modern bathroom furniture.
  • We are the classic example of a cutting-edge company, able to expand in the world by choosing to design offices, warehouses and factories in the most fertile places of ideas, knowledge, skills and technologies.
  • We are the G that furnishes a lifestyle. In a word, we are Gedy.


Toilet brush holder with an extremely original silhouette, designed to revolutionize the design of bathroom accessories.